This is our first achievement under Unreal Engine 4 so please be indulgent.

The game is very short, we can even talk about experience at first.

We may then release other levels (only one at the start) depending on the feedback.

We have just released the android and PC version, and the GearVR version (longer term) will be released soon.
The experience may then be released on other VR media (DayDream, Rift).


STOP-DEADY invites you to immerse yourself in the shoes of an installer of communicating electricity meters.

Your company, which has become private and anonymous, must absolutely install its new electricity meters, even if it is necessary to violate some laws.

Play as an installer on a mission (and yes, one for now) and attempt to install the meter at any cost.

Try to reach the score of 100% to show that you are the best installer!

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