Age Of Albuvia.

Age Of Albuvia is the new license we were working on.
This is a small scale open world RPG. With only one person in development, you will understand that we cannot produce a game with a gigantic map.
We work every day to bring the best possible storyline to the game.

Live an extraordinary adventure discovering the enchanted world of Albuvia. You play as a young mage who will find himself in spite of himself confronted with the sad past of this magical world.
An evil aura reminiscent of ancient times once again hangs over the people of Albuvia. Our little mage, from the village of Among, will have to find his place in this whole new world that is taking place. He will have to go in search of the answers of the past in order to understand how he can overcome the evil that is reappearing today.
During his adventure, the young mage will meet many inhabitants of different peoples, who will help him so that he can achieve his destiny. All these peoples are counting on him to solve the riddle of repairing the monsters in Albuvia ...
Age Of Albuvia is an open world RPG in which you will have to follow the main quest in order to reach the end of the adventure. You will have the opportunity to fight enemies, explore a world full of life, meet dozens of characters.
You will be equipped with an inventory through which you can interact with elements of the scenery, craft items, cook, or even cultivate your field. You will also be able to complete the various side quests, which will give you a better reputation among the peoples of Albuvia.